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IATI Insights Reporting for charities

To create more transparency in spending and results, NGOs receiving subsidies from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs are required to publish their results according to the 'IATI' open data standard. We visualize this public data into a beautiful dashboard so NGOs can use it for their own management insights. The dashboard is called IATI Insights.

Based on the data you already publish quarterly anyway, you get a visualized overview of your projects. Graphs and tables tell you the progress on finances and results. It also shows you in a glance a map of countries you work in and the totals of budget and spending there. Another part of the dashboard focuses on results. At a glance, you see which projects are behind, where data is missing, and which ones do well. All over the dashboard, you can easily filter on theme, country, and other aspects.

Accessing your own IATI report is easy. Let us know which IATI files you want to visualize. You will receive the URL to your desired dashboard within a few days. You decide where and with whom you want to share the data.

Please contact us for more information.

More Information
Send a mail to or call +31 (0)20 463 09 35.

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