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Konektis is live

Recognize this? Different databases within your institution or company that are somehow linked but are not synchronized? For example, a different address in the alumni database and in the sponsor database for the same contact, simply because the address change has been sent to the alumni desk and not to the financial administration. Konektis offers a solution for this.

Konektis is a cloud based platform that enables you to setup data integrations between two (or multiple) systems.
An integration process is a sequence of steps that can be easily changed in a visual designer.

Furthermore, it can be extended with additional steps, even with on-premises and custom software.
The layer under Konektis is the Microsoft Azure Logic Apps Engine.

Konektis is now successfully running at the Museum of London and the next launch is already scheduled: University of East Anglia.

Do you want to be next? Contact us for more information.

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